François-Clément Brossard
[ Dev / Tech / Gaming and Fun ]






I mainly focused on web development and infrastructure for web server hosting in my early days when the Internet and HTML became a thing.

From crafting dead simple hobby websites with preliminary HTML standards and then using PHP combined with different CMS later on, I begun my career as a web developer.

Since the Web 2.0 era, I mainly focused on Ruby on Rails which attracted me for its blazing fast prototyping and scaffolding capabilities.

Ultimately I came to fact that search was key to structure nowadays web and data. This is where Elasticsearch piqued my interest - You Know, for Search!

I'm currently working as Support Engineer @ Elastic (based in Japan).

My hobbies are traveling, ride 2 wheels, scuba-diving and play video games.

On a last note, as volunteer I cofounded Japon-sur-Saône and I take part in the open source community on my free time.

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