I discovered ST few years ago long before Atom, Brackets and Microsoft Visual Code. I was looking for a “more graphical” alternative to VIM and ST seemed to be the best match for me at this time.

I’ll tell you why

If you have used VIM quite a bit you should know about the different mods like COMMAND, INSERT and VISUAL. ST has a plugin integrated called Vintage (which is disabled by default). VIM commands are not all available but it is a good first step for a transition :)

The main advantage of ST is that you need near zero configuration, you just install your plugins in a flash and you are done. I often use it on my Windows or on a new Linux box when I’ve something to do in a hurry.



This plugin helps to convert encodings not supported by Sublime Text. Pretty nifty when you are often dealing with some files encoded in Chinese or Japanese format. I’m using it to convert automatically SHIFT-JIS to UTF-8 most of the time.

ERB Snippets

I’m coming from the RoR world and typing ERB template code is kinda repetitive… The following plugin helps with autocomplete for ERB templates.


My favorite plugin for files management. Advanced possibilities for the Create command are awesome. Duplicate, Create from Selection, Open Terminal Here commands are also appreciated.

Check out all the commands here.


Another plugin for devs in Japan :) ST 3 acts weird when you try to type in Japanese with IME. The input box usually shows in the upper left hand corner of the screen but this plugin fix that. I discovered this plugin recently. I wished find it earlier…


I used LiveReload when I did a lot of front-end dev. Basically, you save a file and your browser will automatically refresh the page for you. You will save precious seconds.


I’m actually using it to write down this post. It enhances Markdown styling and add some nice snippets to the Command Palette.

Ruby on Rails snippets

Same as ERB Snippets but for .rb files. Neat autocomplete for RoR.


Simple syntax highlighting for people using Sass and SCSS :)


Well, this is a commercial SFTP/FTP plugin to upload, sync, browse remotely and diff. It’s a good plugin however be aware you’ll not be able to browse an SFTP/FTP remotely via the Sublime Text sidebar. First you’ll need to download your project locally and map it to your SFTP/FTP if you want to use the sidebar and fuzzy search features.

You can have more information on what I’m talking about here.


TrailingSpaces plugin add a red highlighting over unnecessary extra spaces. Saving bits is important :)


I’m also using Bracket​Highlighter to have matching brakets and parenthesis highlighted. Pretty nifty when you deal with huge code blocks.

That pretty much it for my Sublime Text setup. I’m also thinking to give another try to Atom which looks great too and seems to have a big community behind. In case you have some insight on other code editors, or if you know some good plugins you think I should use drop me a line below ;)