I’ve bought the Sony headset WH-1000XM2 a while back ago now and I have been super happy with it. This was until recently before I started to use it with my Macbook Pro ( 2018, 13-inch, with Touch Bar). I notice some frequent WiFi disconnects and disturbance with the signal when my headset was connected in Bluetooth.

I tried by many ways to fix the issue:

  • reset the bluetooth pairing between the headset and my Mac
  • tweak bluetooth settings and reset defaults on my Mac
  • changing the WiFi channel of my router
  • update the headset firmware thanks to the Sony | Headphones Connect application (iOS, Android)

One thing I couldn’t try due to my router limitations is to change the 2.4Ghz frequency range to 5Ghz. Unfortunately my router don’t have this option but I would suggest you to try if you have it. This change helps to avoid interferences with nearby devices.

So here is the workaround I finally came up with:

  • Pair your headset with your smartphone
  • Start the Sony | Heaphones Connect app
  • scroll down to Sound Quality Mode
  • check Priority on Stable Connection (see screenshot below)

Sony | Heaphones Connect Priority on Stable Connection option

I didn’t notice a significant drop in audio quality but the sporadic WiFi and chopped signal problems vanished since I changed this option. No more bluetooth interference so far.

If this still doesn’t fix your issue, take a look to this post that could help as well.