Far from being an expert in security but I’ve been more and more interested in CTFs challenges on my free time. It’s a good cut-off from my daylight work and also a good alternative to programming and I really enjoy this new hobby.

Google CTF 2019

Also, Google is launching new CTF quals from June 22 00:00 (UTC) to June 23 23:59:59 (UTC) right here.

I found many interesting challenges and started to go through few of them. Unfortunaltely Google removed the 2018 CTF web page and replaced it with the new coming 2019 CTF quals page — but I found an archive on Github, check Google CTF below for more info:

Satoshi’s Treasure

More BTC related, I found Satoshi’s Treasure quest which started mid-April this year. The goal is to find 1000 keys fragments via challenges unveiled over time. Once 400 key splits retrieved, the private key (worth of 1M USD in BTC) could be reconstituted. To combine those keys a tool was available at this address: https://satoshistreasure.xyz/ssss however it seems the page has been deleted leading to a 404. By chance a contributor, @marcuskm, who managed to get a copy of the content and the tool is back online at this address: https://suhailvs.github.io/treasure/ssss.html

Big pros to @johncantrell97 for his write-ups really helpful. Check out his Gist to stay updated.

At the time I write those lines, already 4 keys have been discovered and the key #5 is still in progress…

CTFd, Capture the Flag easy bootstrapping

Browsing through several CTF challenges / events the past months, I noticed some similarities in term of design and web templates used for CTFs. That’s how I found CTFd, an open-source software to boostrap a CTF in a breeze. The source code is available on Github. There is also the possiblity to use their hosted service for the laziest of you :)

CTF / Wargames webistes curated list

See ya for the next one ;)