And here we are! Possibly the final day at the hotel.

7 o’clock sharp, I spit in the tube and hang it in a cup at the front door, as requested.

Final saliva test in prep

It’s time to start packing the suitcases.
At the same time, I’m imagining being positive after 6 days locked up into this hotel room - no way.
I know incubation period has an average of 5.6 days which freaks me out. 10 or even 14 more days at the hotel would be miserable.

4:00pm - Results came in and we are all negative (again). Hoorrayyy!

A bit later, the phone ring, I pick it up and hear: “Sir, you are free to go.” (translated from Japanese 出て来い!:laughing:)


Thanks to those who have been reading through this poorly written day to day journal. At least, it will leave some traces about the quarantine process in Japan that might be useful to some people. And it also prove that you can survive a 20m2 hotel room with disgusting catering food and family members for a week without becoming insane… That’s a good lesson and an humbling experience.

This is where my story of 7 boring days of Quarantine in Japan ends. If you are planning to get back to Japan (even if I suggest to wait a bit if you can) and have some questions regarding the quarantine here (or simply bored), feel free to reach out to me.

See you next time (not for a quarantine).