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I’ve been using many apps for managing my todos in the past, here a few ones:

That said, todo-lists can get pretty boring over time but I found Habitica at some point. Habitica is a todo app wrappped into a RPG game where you earn XP, items, etc by achieving your daily tasks.

Through the multiple updates over the years, Habitica got some new features like Guilds, Party and Group which add a lot of fun if you aim to use it with some friends.

On top of that Habitica has a nice API and documentation which could be nice if you want to enhance the experience even more. For instance the APIs can help you to add or resolve some tasks dynamically by embedding calls to other programs. You can also import or export tasks from / to a different system. Possibilities are endless.

I just wanted to share as I feel Habitca might not get the visilibity it deserves as a todo app. If you are bored with your basic todo list and tend to procrastinate I’m sure it could help in some ways by adding a dose of entertainment - just give it a try!