Hello everyone!

Another great morning view

Not much going on today, no tests, same kind of food. Good news is that I might be able to leave the hotel quarantine tomorrow if this last test is negative. After that a 6 days quarantine at home will pursue besides 4 negative PCR / antigenic tests over a period of 10 days. Being at home will definitely be more confortable but isn’t 14 days a bit too much??

I knew when Japan put border enforcement measures in place that I wouldn’t be able to take public transportations for the transfer from the hotel to my home. Then several options offers to you:

  • ask for family member to pick you up
  • rent a car
  • or get a “covid19 quarantine friendly” ride from a taxi service.

So prior my flight back to Japan, I booked a ride with a taxi service that originally asked me $150 for the ride. Few days later they messaged me back saying they would crank up the price to approximately $500 for “covid related precautions” - wtf ?!… I canceled and I will find an alternative. I guess some companies found this like a juicy opportunity to make some $$$.