“Yatto”, like Japanese would say

I finally ended editing the footage I took during my trip in Vietnam 3 months after. Quite busy on these days on different projects I’ll share you later =) Also I’ll spare you all the difficulties I had in obtaining an international driving license in Japan. It was sincerely a mess.

I stayed 10 days in total and filmed the most part of it (except the last few days) on the roads with just a GoPro and an old Sony ActionCam.

Day 1: Hanoi

I caught a cold the day before departure, little bit jet lagged and tired by the heat on this first day. We visited few places in the center of Hanoi. I didn’t know you have to cover your shoulders and legs to enter temples so I’m in a strange outfit in this one.

Day 2: Direction Mai Châu

After a good rest, we left Hanoi riding dirt bikes (Honda XR150L) with our guide Vinh. From the huge traffic of Hanoi to the country side, we arrived between the mountains of Mai Châu.

Local people kindly accommodate us in a handmade stits suspended wooden house where we stayed for the night. They are really friendly and the food they prepared was delicious. We did our best to communicate each other in English as I can’t speak Vietnamese. And even if I could it seems there are around 54 dialects in Vietnam and Mai Châu people are speaking one of them, Hmong language.

Day 3: Mountain path to Mộc Châu

Back on the saddle for the second stage. We had a lot of fun this day riding in the mud. I was like a kid and I just did a single sideslip fall… At night, nothing exciting we just laid-back at the hotel after a whole day on bikes.

Day 4: Heading to Phú Yên

Hard morning starting with nonsense talk but what a great scenery today (tea plants, mountains landscapes and a beautiful dam). We refreshed at the dam by swimming below it despite the power of the water dropping roughly. Also we had to put bikes on a boat to cross the river and join the other side. You’ll see.

Day 5: Ride and chill around Vũ Linh

Ride, ride and more ride. We stopped at Vũ Linh this time. There was a lake not so far from the place we stayed at. Once arrived we sailed on the lake, got some drinks and contemplated the sunset. A lot of fun.

The homestay was one more time a very rewarding experience and we met awesome Dao people there. Dao people are another minority in northern Vietnam. It was our last night before going back to Hanoi and I think this is one of my best memories of Vietnam.

Day 6: Going back to Hanoi

Weather is getting cloudy and we have to go back to Hanoi. A brief stop to drink sugar cane syrup. It’s officially the end of the ride and the time to say goodbye to Vinh. Thank you man. If you want to rent bikes in Hanoi checkout offroadvietnam.com.

Day 7: Relaxing in Halong Bay

On the bus for Halong Bay. We are doing a 2 days / 1 night cruise and relax. Halong was not as beautiful as I thought. The weather was kinda cloudy, lot of wastes in the water, I’m a bit disappointed. Anyway I definitely enjoyed this trip in general and I hope to do something similar next year again.

Thank you for watching :)