It’s already have been two months, but I switched from my PC workstation on Linux to a Macbook for work — What a big slap in my face.

No seriously, ok I have an iPhone but I never used a Mac with iOS before (or really briefly for doing some tests).
I couldn’t imagine it would take a such effort and affect so much my productivity during the first two weeks.

Constantly switching between: Linux (personal), Mac/iOS (work) and Windows (gamers here you know why) was really exhausting.

In fact the problem is not the UI or the OS itself but more the keyboard mapping. Keyboard mappings on Windows and Linux are pretty much the same but iOS is another beast. A tiny thing like when you get used to do a Ctr + C to copy and then need to do a ⌘ command + C on Mac drove me crazy.

To overcome this frustration I decided to remap all my keyboard to get something similar that I was used to. I Googled around to see if I could find something which would match my needs, unfortunately nothing came up but I discovered an awesome piece of software called Karabiner.

I’m using it in combinaison with two other tools to achieve a PC flavored Mac keyboard.

You can check out my work on Github right here:

It’s still kind of WIP and experimental at the moment.
I’m also open to ideas for improvements in case other persons are struggling like me with this.