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Amazon Lightsail released this month their $3.50 VPS.


Here are the specs:

512 MB Memory
1 Core Processor
20 GB SSD Disk
1 TB Transfer

I think it’s a big smash against other Cloud providers (like Digital Ocean, Vultr, Linode or Packet). How much do you think the price will lower for the VPS in a near future? 1$?

It remembers me in early/mid 2000’s when the price for servers was totally insane. Virtualized servers (with complete isolated environments) rental offers were still not wide spread at this time. We rented a dedicated server to host our personnal sites with some friends and used to split the bill annually. I don’t remember how much it was exactly price but it was really expensive to me as a student.

I’m wondering if other providers will align their price accordingly. Wait and see.