Happy New Year everyone! Welcome to the first 2022 day.

Not a suprise, I’m still at the hotel with family. Today, I definitely feel the jet lag more.

Looking at the schedule provided when we started the quarantine, seems like not much will happen today. However we can expect a saliva test tomorrow.

Talking about the MySOS app, I received:

  • 2 automated calls today
  • 2 position verification requests (that can be done via the “I’m here” in the app)
  • a notification to send the health report as well (“Report Your Health Condition” in the app)

Regarding the “Check-in” button in the app, you only need to use it when you change location. A first time when you arrive at the otel where yu will do your quarantine then another once you are at the facilities you designated for the remaining quarantine period (after the hotel).

MySOS app (iOS)

The food part

We get serve basically the same thing over and over. Same kind of bento and a salad with a different dressing each meal.

Breakfast - Day 3

Lunch - Day 3

Isn’t this aluminium foil color weird?

Front / Back

Dinner - Day 3