In a flash, we are in 2018

That’s it, 2018. Thank you all for your support last year. 


In a tech point of view my 2017 in few words would be:

  • JS (mainly front-end frameworks)
  • Crypto-currencies
  • Blockchain
  • AI systems
  • Chatbots
  • IoT
  • Progressive Web Apps
  • Serverless
  • And not enough time…

What plans for 2018?

1) Well, write more blog posts I guess! As you may noticed, I’m writing this blog in three different languages: Japanese, English and French. For each post, depend on the nature of it, I try to find who is targeted. A feature to filter posts based on the language will be implemented in the future however I’m not sure to doing well by mixing languages. Here are my thoughts:

  • English: News, tech
  • French: Japanese culture, daily life, travel in Japan
  • Japanese: General topics, France related

There is not so much content yet but I’ll do my best to post more often.


If you have any idea or advice please drop me a line in the comments ;)

2) I’ve been in Japan for more than 5 years and I still not have a Japanese qualification like JLPT or so. Time for me to pass it.

3) I’m also working on several side projects including webapps development. Nothing to reveal yet but I’ll do if I decide to release something. Let’s try to be more productive in 2018!

4) Like every year I’ll try to edit at least one travel footage I’ll post on my YouTube channel.

5) Mid-2017 I attempt to stream some “Let’s Play” but I didn’t really enjoy it. Maybe live coding is more suitable to me. I will definitely give streaming another try in 2018.

That’s pretty much it for the moment, see you on the next post ;)