Alright, I’ve been victim of a weird bug on Slack where certain emojis didn’t appear properly. I would say the issue mostly happen with custom emojis. I remember I’ve installed the Slack app via their official website. Not 100% but I saw this occuring from Slack 4.0.0 or such. I tried to reinstall the Slack App from the website again but no chance. My emojis/icons were still broken.

As a last resort, I tried the Slack App from the App Store and this instantly solved my issue. If you also hit this weird behavior from Slack, please try to reinstall via the App Store. I suppose the build is slightly different and doesn’t suffer from this bug.

Give it a try!

There is a new version 4.0.1, I don’t know if this have been fixed yet. If you have any insight on that please share :)