I very often need to test new Elastic products with different versions. Downloading the distributions everytime then configure manually every part could be cumbersome and quite repetitive. Of course, pulling docker images or use Terraform are viable options, but sometimes you might be looking for a quick setup. For this purpose, I crafted two different tools to save up some time:


Github: https://github.com/renshuki/elasticsearch-bootstrap

elasticsearch-bootstrap is a simple interactive shell script which downloads, configure and start the given product (Elasticsearch or Kibana) for you.


Github: https://github.com/renshuki/elastic-downloader-cli

elastic-downloader-cli is a simple downloader in nodejs fetching product releases from the https://artifacts.elastic.co/ mirror. It allows to download the various Elastic products.

As the download URLs naming convention is not always consistent accross, it could sometime lead to some 404s. Some improvements will need to be made with the tool to adjust downloads on a per product basis.